About us

Because IFS Lanka offers you a single carrier responsibility for any type of service you require-domestic, International or Logistics, with a unique ability to customize the services to your specific need. ….We maintain the highest level of service standards, the most rigorous controls on security and a well-trained professional staff in every aspect of transportation. ….With the web technology that allows you to keep updated on every transaction and to initiate shipments on our web site, with numerous report available. ….And, we do it all not only at a price which can save you considerable money but Also with a far better accuracy and lead-time than our competitors. What can we tell you about us?


We provide customers and business partners with reliable and innovative, Freight – based Logistics & Express solutions through a team of dedicated and competent staff. We shall exceed shareholder ROI exceptions, while making a strategic contribution to the development of the group logistic sector. All goals and objectives shall be achieved in a socially responsible manner.


Be a Best Logistics service provider in Asian region.