Great history in just a few years.

A new company that’s developed in just a few years, under the wing of the parent company. In the very idea of developing and going for the achievements we attended in thorough to fulfill within a short period and now proceeding comfortably without any discrepancies in the network.


Excellent management team who understand that customer service is the key ingredients to freight forwarding and logistics. in adhering to the precept of “ the customer is the King”.


The most important and high concerning we always invest in, latest information technology, communications, our tools, systems and central offices.

Information Technology

is is more helpful to make the dealings very quick avoiding the discrepancies and unnecessary delays concern to the important business. Our staff is in line in this modern technology since the most advanced Logistics Company in Sri Lanka.

Company History


Incorporated as a private limited liability Company and start the business as a Logistics service provider [Victory Island (Pvt) Ltd] Registered with Sri Lanka Customs as a Customs Brokerage Agents

2000 -2008

Starts Customs Clearance Brokerage in Sri Lanka Entered to Freight Forwarding business with IFS Lanka Logistics.

Key Management

One of the most experienced team in Sri Lanka Freight Forwarding.